Early Dismissal Procedure

Early Dismissal Process: It is now a CCRCE practice that when a storm is forecast for later in the day, it will be announced through media outlets first thing in the morning that an early dismissal will be happening and there will be no individual phone calls made to parents.

The SwiftK12 automated alert system will send notifications electronically via phone, e-mail & texts as to what time school dismissal is anticipated to begin. Please keep in mind all CCRCE buses service multiple school locations and that will determine each school's approximated dismissal time. 

Parents/guardians are to have emergency dismissal procedures in place in the event an early dismissal is planned & advised. 

Please note, bus drivers have been instructed to see someone visibly waiting for children at their stop so they'll know someone is at home and that students are not going home to an empty house or potentially end up being locked out during stormy weather.