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Welcome to the North River Elementary website. In our changing world, North River Elementary School empowers and develops diverse learners academically, socially and emotionally as responsible and respectful citizens. 

Setting the cornerstone for lifelong learning.

Principal's Message

Welcome to North River Elementary School. Our mission is to develop lifelong learners in a student-centered environment with high expectations for all. We at North River Elementary understand the importance of instilling and enhancing the partnership between home and school for your child’s optimum educational experience.
At North River Elementary, we value respect.
We value respect of self, others, learning and the environment.
At North River Elementary, we value our talents.
We welcome the uniqueness and diversity of all people.
At North River Elementary, we value risk-taking.
We step out of our comfort zone to meet our
mission, values and goals.
At North River Elementary, we value lifelong learning.
Staff is courteous, competent, dedicated and committed to
their profession.
At North River Elementary we value a safe and caring environment.
We are community.

Welcome to Our School Community.
Mr. Kevin Harnish, Principal




Our front door driveway is reserved ONLY for buses. This helps to keep our students safe by reducing the risk of a student/car accident. Visitors or parents dropping off or picking up students before and after school must use the side parking lot for entering and exiting. The area along the building side of the driveway is a fire regulated NO PARKING zone. We appreciate your understanding and help to keep our students safe.